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Welfare Assessment (for Local Authorities - Section 77-78 CJPO Act 1994)

Over the last few years GRC have seen an increase in Local Authorities seeking eviction via the Section 77-78 CJPO Act 1994. This typically involves a ‘Welfare Assessment’ to be carried out prior to any enforcement action being taken.

Welfare Assessment

The impact of the encampment on the local businesses & residents.

Do the trespassers have any welfare issues that the local authority need to consider prior to enforcement.

Are children on site.

Is there a risk of road traffic collisions from the encampment.

Are there facilities for the encampment to use (toilets, access to bins etc).

This enables the court to make an informed decision prior to making an order for eviction.

Using our trained welfare officers, GRC carry out the welfare assessment process on behalf of the council or local authority. This reduces the burden on authority resources whilst maintaining a professional level of service.

GRC have a wealth of experience in dealing with encampments in both hostile and amicable environments, this provides the local authority with confidence that assessments will be carried out the highest standards.

GRC hold on file our own template ‘Welfare Assessment forms’ which suffices the requirement for most local authorities although we are also happy to use any forms provided by the local authority.

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