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Vacant property services

Handover and Project Completion Handover

Following the completion of any project, ensuring an effective handover to client or take over from contractors can be a very important but not always feasible for a member of staff to assign an entire day to this. GRC Group offer a service in which our vacant property team can attend in the stead of our client to takeover a property and compile a report detailing all the relevant information for the ongoing support of a property.

This can site visit can include:

The service is tailored to client requirements and is designed to reduce the overall input required for maintenance of a property that may be vacant for some time. This is coupled with gathering information on maintenance schedules and the relevant contractors for those pieces of equipment/systems.
This service can also help to reduce the burden on clients when taking over a previously tenanted unit. By providing locksmith services, replacement gate locks, CCTV and clearance services, the unit can be left in a suitable state to await viewings or a new tenant.

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