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Vacant property services

Concrete Barrier & Access Control

There are several benefits to using concrete barriers to protect a vacant plot of land, including:

1. Security:

Concrete barriers provide a high level of security and can help prevent unauthorised access to the vacant plot of land. This can be particularly important if the land is in an urban or suburban area where there is a risk of theft, vandalism, or other types of crime.

2. Safety:

Concrete barriers can help improve safety by preventing vehicles and pedestrians from entering the vacant plot of land. This can be particularly important if the land is in a busy area or near a road where there is a risk of accidents.

3. Cost-effective:

Concrete barriers can be a cost-effective way to protect a vacant plot of land, as they are durable and require minimal maintenance over time. They can also be reused in other locations if necessary.

4. Customisable:

Concrete barriers can be customised to suit the specific needs of the site. For example, they can be made in different sizes and shapes to fit the dimensions of the vacant plot of land, and can be painted or decorated to match the surrounding area.
Overall, concrete barriers are an effective and practical solution for protecting a vacant plot of land, providing security, safety, cost-effectiveness, customisation, and environmental friendliness.

GRC offer both Jersey Barriers and TVCB (Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers) each with their own benefits.

Combined with our own swing gate, designed and manufactured by GRC to allow site access for authorised personnel only make a create combination to protect a site whilst allowing access to those who need to gain entry to the site.

GRC access gate is available for hire along with the concrete barriers to provide an all round solution to vacant or high risk sites.

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