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Asset Tracking (GPS)

GRC provide Live GPS tracking of high value assets, this can be cargo, vehicles or trailers.

There are several advantages to using GPS trackers to track high-value cargo, crates, vehicles, or trailers when in shipment or at risk of theft:

1. Real-time location tracking: ​

GPS trackers can provide real-time location updates, enabling you to track your shipment or vehicle in real-time. This feature can help you monitor your shipment and ensure it stays on track to its destination.

2. Theft prevention: ​

GPS trackers can help prevent theft by alerting you if the shipment or vehicle moves outside of a predetermined route or if it is tampered with. This feature can help prevent cargo theft, which can be a significant concern for high-value shipments.

3. Improved logistics and supply chain management:

GPS trackers can help optimise logistics and supply chain management by providing real-time data on the location of your shipment. This information can help you make better decisions about routing and timing, which can help reduce transit times and improve efficiency.

4. Improved customer service: ​

GPS trackers can help improve customer service by providing real-time information on the location of a shipment. This feature can help you provide accurate delivery estimates and keep customers informed about the status of their shipments.

5. Lower insurance premiums: ​

Some insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for cargo and vehicles that are equipped with GPS trackers. This is because GPS trackers can help prevent theft and improve recovery rates in the event of a theft.

6. Data analytics: ​

GPS trackers can provide valuable data on transit times, routing, and other metrics. This information can be used to improve logistics and supply chain management, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Overall, using GPS trackers to track high-value cargo, crates, vehicles, or trailers can provide significant benefits in terms of theft prevention, logistics and supply chain management, customer service, and cost savings. Speak to us today to find out more about the most appropriate type of tracker system for your needs. ​

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