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Vacant property services

Vacant Property Overview

GRC offer an array of services in relation to vacant property;

Security assessment and implementation

Vacant unit protection and stand down

Initial meter readings + meter locations/access

Access document creation for contractors

Site access codes with tips/tricks/knacks for opening & closing (provided as an access document)

Water system drain

Isolate Water, Gas and electricity including combination padlock lock-off where possible

Seal letterbox

Remove & shred old mail & any leftover paperwork (inc other misc. flammables)

Isolate heating & air-conditioning/HVAC

Closing & locking windows, internal doors

Fitting key safe for any site keys

Installation of locking bolts on fire exits

Locksmith attendance to replace locks if required

Fire panel basic function test to comply with required interval checks

Emergency lighting basic function test

Install of access control measures for longer term vacant (Heras, barriers, swing gate etc)

Mobile patrol, CCTV, reporting, manned guarding, dog handlers etc

Monthly visits to take meter readings and ensure there is nothing picked up that could otherwise be missed from CCTV.

A good handover procedure and ongoing plan can help ensure a smooth transition of ownership or management of the property from one party to another.
This can prevent delays or confusion that can arise when information is missing or incomplete.

Protecting the property: By ensuring that all relevant information about the property is properly documented and communicated to the new owner or manager. This can include information about any outstanding issues or maintenance needs, as well as any security measures that may need to be taken to protect the property.

Improving efficiency: A good handover procedure can improve efficiency by ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed in a timely manner and that all relevant parties are properly informed about any changes or updates to the property.

Ensuring good security measures are implemented is crucial to keeping a vacant unit secure.

Mobile patrol


Static guards

Correct signage

H&S issues addressed early and without delay

While mobile patrol can be an effective security solution in certain situations, there are also some potential downsides to consider:

Limited coverage:Mobile patrol units can only cover a limited area during their patrols, which may not be sufficient for larger properties or properties with multiple buildings.

Response time: Mobile patrol units may not always be able to respond quickly to incidents or emergencies, especially if they are patrolling a large area or if they are dealing with multiple incidents at once.

Predictability: Mobile patrol units typically follow a predictable route during their patrols, which can make them easier for potential criminals to avoid or target.

Cost: Mobile patrols can be more expensive than other security solutions, such as CCTV.

Lack of personal interaction: Mobile patrol units may not be able to provide the same level of personal interaction and customer service as a static security guard who is stationed on-site GRC can assist at all levels when it comes to the on going challenge of Vacant Property.

Redefining Security: Providing Expert Consultancy Services Beyond the Ordinary.


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