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Direct Action

Direct action by a council refers to the council’s authority to take direct measures to resolve a situation or issue that is affecting the public, without the need for court proceedings or legal action. This can include taking steps to address issues related to housing, public safety, and environmental concerns.
For example, if a property owner fails to address safety hazards on their property, the council may take direct action to address the issue by carrying out repairs or improvements
Similarly, if a property is occupied by squatters or unauthorised encampments, the council may take direct action to evict the occupants and secure the property. Direct action can also be taken to address environmental concerns, such as pollution or waste management.
While direct action can be an effective tool for councils to address issues quickly, it is important to ensure that any action taken is lawful and complies with all relevant regulations and guidelines. Councils must also balance the need to address the issue with the rights and interests of those affected by the action
Direct action by a council can also include taking measures to address planning breaches. For example, if a property owner carries out development work without the necessary planning permission or fails to comply with planning conditions, the council may take direct action to address the issue.
This can include issuing enforcement notices, serving stop notices, or even carrying out works themselves to remedy the breach.
GRC assist local authorities on breaches, particularly when enforcement is required often after lengthy on going legal proceedings.

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