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Animal & Equine

Specialist Animal Capture (Firearm & Dart Gun)

Working with industry specialists, GRC Group operates a highly skilled team that work to provide the live capture or humane dispatch of difficult animals in adverse conditions. Using our animal & Equine logistics chain, GRC can handle all aspects from the live capture, to transport and then disposal (if required) of animals ranging in size from birds & small livestock to large cattle and horses.

With a well-trained firearms team with a military marksman background, the successful dispatch at range in the event animals cannot be approached can be achieved. The Animal & Equine team also operates a dart projector (Dart Rifle) that can be used to assist with the capture of difficult animals.

GRC Group operates a collection of specialist night vision and thermal optics allowing for day/night operations along with operation in adverse weather conditions.

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Head Office & Accounts: Redland House, 157 Redland Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6YE

(Registered Office: 6 Lower Park Row, Bristol, BS1 5BJ)

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0333 3443710

GRC Group, GRC Bailiffs & Enforcement and GRC Security are trading names of GRC (Legal Services) Ltd which is registered in England under the company registration number 5053101.

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