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Eviction of Criminal Gangs (organised mass Fly-Tipping)

In recent years GRC have come across a multiple groups of trespassers who operate the MO of organised mass-fly-tipping. Involving anywhere from 1-2 caravans to around 10-20 caravans. GRC have encountered this group whilst acting as agents for many of our clients. We have come across them particularly in the Greater London area and Kent, Essex, Middlesex & Surrey.

These particular groups operate in the following way; ​

They target warehouses / land / car parks that are privately owned and often advertised online as being for sale or to let.

They break in illegally to land/warehouses threatening extreme violence to anyone opposing them and cutting any locks, break down doors etc.

They then barricade themselves behind gates / fencing and put their own locks on the gate and control entry to the site.

They then use the site to illegally dump waste / rubbish. The mess is often a mixture of commercial & domestic waste.

Once every inch of the site is completely filled with waste they then move on.

GRC have a dossier that we have compiled in respect of this group to highlight the problems that can be caused and the costs they can incur for landowners. (just ask to see a copy)

Whilst we have been highlighting the activities of this group for a number of years to the police and other authorities unfortunately with police resources stretched we often find that we are not fully supported when completing these evictions.

These particular groups are also very willing to use extreme violence to maintain possession of land they have trespassed in order to continue the dumping of waste. GRC have a proven track record of completing many of these evictions successfully and have adopted a specific method proven to be successful in regaining our clients land.

GRC have developed several successful methods in dealing with these groups and following several years of successful evictions, these particular groups are aware that once we are involved they will not be given days or weeks to fly-tip at will.

GRC must take adequate resources to maintain the successful results.

As fly-tipping is a very lucrative business and a strong source of income for these groups they are prepared to be increasingly violent to maintain possession of land when they have it. We have on a number of occasions found that these groups will attempt to barricade themselves inside buildings, use vehicles as weapons, throw rocks and use their own padlocks and chains on gates to prevent entry by either police, bailiffs or landowners.

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