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Eviction and removal of Protestors / Activists

If a landowner or business is unfortunate to be dealing with protestors, there are several ways in which GRC can help they manage the situation:

1. GRC to liaise with our police contact:

If the protestors are engaging in illegal activities or threatening the safety of individuals or property, it is important to contact the police immediately. The police have the authority to remove trespassers and can help manage the situation.

2. Get our legal team instructed:

To provide guidance on counter measures such as to seek an injunction or file a claim for damages.

3. GRC to engage with the protestors:

If possible, it may be helpful to engage with the protestors in a calm and respectful manner to try to resolve the situation through dialogue. This can involve understanding their concerns and finding a mutually beneficial solution.

4. Document the situation:

It is important to document the situation, including any damage or disruption caused by the protestors. This can include taking photos or videos and keeping a record of any communication with the protestors that may be used for prosecution later and demonstrate and action taken by GRC and the landowner is proportionate and justified.
It is important to note that dealing with protestors can be a complex and sensitive situation. It is recommended to seek advice from GRC and approach the situation with care and respect for all parties involved. If physical removal is required GRC have a specially trained Special Eviction Team that can assist in removing protestors.

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