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Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing is a type of security assessment that involves attempting to gain unauthorised access to a physical location, system, or device.

This can include attempting to bypass physical security measures such as locks, alarms, and surveillance systems, as well as social engineering techniques to trick employees into granting access.

The advantages of physical penetration testing are numerous. First and foremost, it can identify vulnerabilities in physical security measures that might otherwise go unnoticed. By simulating an attack, physical penetration testers can uncover weaknesses that could be exploited by real attackers.
Another advantage is that physical penetration testing can help organisations comply with regulatory requirements. Many industries, such as finance and healthcare, are required to conduct regular security assessments, including physical penetration testing, in order to meet compliance standards.
Physical penetration testing can also help organisations build a stronger security culture by raising awareness of security risks and encouraging employees to be more vigilant about protecting physical assets. By identifying vulnerabilities and implementing security improvements, organisations can reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, and other physical security breaches.
Overall, physical penetration testing is an essential component of any comprehensive security strategy. By identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities, organisations can take steps to improve their physical security and reduce the risk of a costly security breach.

GRC have carried out this type of penetration testing for clients over the years when a client is carrying out internal audits, going through procurement or updating contracts or budgets to see where their focus needs to be.

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