Using our team of reconnaissance & intelligence gathering specialists, GRC Group are often called upon to provide valuable insight into existing site security measures and how best they can be improved.

Site security assessments are vital both prior to installing security measures but also immediately following an incident. GRC site security assessments provide a multi-point report on what measures can be utilised (and how) to ensure that the security is always the most effective & efficient that It can be.

The penetration testing or “pen test”, of a site can also be used as a dry run for manned guarding & planned security response measures. Our skilled team will look to approach a site with the intention of defeating or bypassing the existing security measures or guarding, this can be through used deception to gain access to a secure site or attempting a covert entry. The insight gathered following on from a pen test can help ensure the most effective use of security and help to highlight any potential issues in a controlled environment.


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