GRC Security specialise in dealing with sites that require a higher level of security. Often operating in high risk environments, GRC Security staff offer a more robust level of security and pride themselves on the service they provide.

Understanding that no two security tasks are ever the same, GRC Security has a wide range of capability augmenting equipment that is often deployed on site to assist with security operations, this can include:

  • Live & Remote View CCTV
  • Handheld night vision
  • GRC patrol vehicles
  • Security dog units
  • Portable intruder sensors

Whilst modern technology can help with site security, the equipment is only as good as the operator, this is why GRC Security staff are most frequently drawn from military backgrounds and have a wealth of experience in dealing with all forms of security.

GRC Security also provide a tailored level of incident reporting depending on the clients need, ensuring that the client is always kept informed with the most recent information regarding incidents should they occur.

The normal range of security task that GRC Security operate on includes:

  • Construction site or building site security
  • RST or residential security
  • Commercial security
  • High value target security
  • University & Campus security
  • Corporate security

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